"My paintings are about experience, or rather my interpretation of my experiences and what I see around me. The ability to interpret an experience into art, words into poetry, sound into music, color into painting, is the essence of being an artist".






Emerge Gallery: Paper Trail:Art on Paper Saugerties NY

Emerge Gallery: Bianco: Art Celebrating White Saugerties NY

Holland Tunnel Newburgh: 20/20 Vision


Emerge Gallery: Terrain: Saugerties NY


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Peter Makebish Gallery NYC solo show

Brik Gallery Catskill, NY Cowgirls

Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Andre Zarre Gallery, NYC RANDY BLOOM:

“Don’t Shoot: All Lives Matter”  solo show

Andre Zarre Gallery NYC group show

Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg,


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY

Fridge Art Fair NYC


Sideshow Gallery; “MIC:CHECK (occupy)”  Williamsburg, NY

Brik Gallery Catskill, NY Cowgirls #4


LOUISE P. SLOAN  &  RANDY BLOOM  “HOTTER THEN ELL” Sideshow Gallery Williamsburg, NY

FOUR ARTISTS, TWO PHASES: Edward Avedisian, Randy Bloom, David Crum, Clark Murray Tremaine Gallery; Lakeville Ct 

Curated by  Katherine Crum

Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY

OSKA; New York City


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


Nancy 2 University France Prometheus Creatures and Creators: Sources and Migrations of a Myth in the arts and literature. Guest lecturer

Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY

Hoffman Studio; Troy, NY


“Paintings  of Color”   Tribes Gallery; New York City

Sideshow Gallery; Williamsburg, NY


C.W. Wright Gallery; Solo Exhibition; Portland, Maine

Tribes Gallery; Solo exhibition; New York City


Pocketbook Gallery; Hudson, New York      


Cooper Classic Collection; Solo exhibition; New York City


Gallery Itoyama; Solo exhibition; Tokyo, Japan

Golden Artist Colors; New Berlin, New York

Edmonton Contemporary Artist Society; Edmonton, Canada


Gallery Accostage; Solo exhibition; Takamatsu City, Japan

Japan Galleria Le Muse Machiya; Solo exhibition; Kyoto, Japan

Arts Resource Service; Solo exhibition; Portland, Maine

“Elegant Clarity”; Curated by Chris White; Tribes Gallery; NYC

The Hells Kitchen  Show;  Curated by James Little; NYC


Debra Rabinsky Gallery; Line and Color, Curated by Lee Klien, Easton PA

OK Harris; Fanelli  Show;  New York  City

Polk  Fine Arts Gallery; Solo Exhibition  Winterhavenn Florida


Gershwin Gallery Solo Exhibition: Grid series New York City

Peter Nein Gallery “New York City” Myrtle Beach SC

La Plaza Cutura cultural   “Artists of the Garden” New York City

Tribes Gallery NYC “Present Modernism”: curated by Piri Halasz,


Gershwin Gallery Solo Exhibition, New York City

Dieu Donne “Raining Cats and Dogs ” New York City

Tribes Gallery NYC  “Masks, Past and Future”: curated by Carol Thompson


Kenkeleba Sculpture Garden  Contemporary  Sculpture, NYC


Michaelis School of Fine Art Thupelo University of Cape Town SA


Lorraine Kessler Gallery “Caution:Artists at work” Poughkeepsie,

Patrice Landau Gallery “Burning “ New York City


National Museum Monuments & Art Gallery Gaborone,Botswana

Daljosafat  Thupelo International Artists’ Exhibition, Paarl, SA


Lorraine Kessler Gallery  “group show” Poughkeepsie,  NY

101  Wooster “Sholto Ainslie, Randy Bloom, Jon Isherwood” NYC

Pino Modica Gallery  Real Art,  New York ,

Atlantic Gallery  Randy Bloom, Melissa Davis Painting, New York,

NY Pino Modica Gallery Europa America 360 E-venti, Rome, Italy


Everson Museum Biennial Syracuse, NY. curated by Lowery Sims

Chesil Gallery Shave International Artists’ Exhibition Dorset, England

Lorraine Kessler Gallery Poughkeepsie, NY

Pino Modica Gallery Europa America 360 E-venti, New York, NY

Wunderbar “Organized Chaos”,  New York, NY


J. Fryer Gallery Selected Summer Trends, New York, NY


Ground Zero Gallery Group Show  Miami, FL.,March


Hardingham Sculpture Workshop Group Show Norfolk, England


The Art Foundation Group Show Johannesburg, S.A., September

Matthew Scott Gallery  Group Show  Miami, FL. Fall, Dilaurenti Gallery

Group Show  New York, NY., June, Shippee Annex Group Show, New York, NY., June 21


Maryanne McCarthy Fine Art Gallery Abstract Works On Paper, curated by Michael Chisholm NYC

Triangle  New York: New York, NY,  March ,1986


Beverly Gorden Gallery New York Five, Curated by Valentine Tatransky; Dallas, Texas

Tower Gallery; Two Plus Three,  Curated by Karen Wilkin, New York, NY


Federal Plaza;  Exhibition II,  New York


Kenkeleba House; group exhibition, New York, NY

Federal Plaza; Group exhibition, New York, NY


Jack Tilton Gallery, Group exhibition; New York, NY

University of Connecticut Gallery solo exhibition, Storrs, CT


Dyansen Gallery Group exhibition, New York, NY


Robert Kidd Gallery Associates Detroit, MI


Betty Parsons Gallery One Wall Show, New York, NY


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Selected  Collections

World Bank Collection,  Lord & Taylor, The National Museum Monuments & Art Gallery, Gaborone, Botswana, Triangle Collection, NY,

The Johannesburg Art Foundation,  South Africa, The Shave Farm Collection, England, Thupelo Collection, Cape Town, South Africa,

Private Collectors in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa


Education and awards

BA Painting and Art History Franconia College 1976

Youth Achievement Award nominated by Karen Wilkin 1984


Thupelo International Artists Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa 1995

Thapong International Artists Workshop, Kanamo Centre, Mahalope, Botswana 1993

Thupelo Arts Workshop, Community Arts Project, Capetown, South Africa, 1993

Shave Artist Workshop, Somerset, England 1992

Triangle Artists Workshop NY, 1983, 85, 86, 87

Professional Experience

2001 present

Lord & Taylor Stores Nationwide

Coordinator Triangle Artists Workshop NY, 1983, 85, 86, 87

Curator ” Paul Dignan & Derrick Guild, Two Scottish Painters“  Tribes Gallery  1997

Curator ” For the Young Collector aka Small Gems “  Tribes Gallery  1996

Organized and led paper making workshop; Johannesburg Art Foundation, South Africa, 1989

Organized and led paper making workshop, Hardingham Sculpture Workshop, England, 1988

Organized and led workshops at Johannesburg Art Foundation  and Alexandra Township RSA  1987

Directed and Produced Art Video, Questions of Taste – A  panel discussion, 1984

Taught Studio Workshop, New York, NY., 1978